On the 30th May 2020, the British Baseball Federation announced the formation of the first-ever Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) Women's Baseball Team. 

With the formation of a new Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) Women's Team, it requires strategic planning. It is important to recognise we have a four-year roadmap to deliver our objectives and values. For example, we propose to align our new Women's Team with our GB Baseball Programme framework and culture. We expect to leverage existing skills, knowledge, experience and resources from our board and GB Baseball Programme stakeholders over to our Women's Team. We further, expect to harness the beliefs, dedication and values from women across the country and women's team manager, to make our GB Baseball Women's Team innovative and a high-velocity programme. 

We are providing you with a simplified roadmap view (below) and shortened journey over just the next two years. It should be noted the below roadmap will have different dimensions and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) throughout its strategic journey, which are not publicly disclosed. Today and in the future, we intend to implement our GB Baseball (GB Baseball) Women's Team Roadmap, as fast as possible and keep you updated on its progress. 

We intend to achieve a successful Women's National Team Programme in the future that is competitive and representative of Great Britain on the world stage. By offering a victorious Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) Women's Team Programme, we hope to influence, impact, and potentially recruit British Women to take part and likely change the FUTURE to reach our National Team Programmes expectations. Every time a woman considers and decides to be a part of our GB Baseball Women's Programme is a step to shorten the time to make our roadmap a success. So we ask all British women or eligible British passport holders, to be a part of GB Baseball Women's Team, as it depends on you for the team to be viable and sustainable. More importantly, it will make you proud to represent over 60 million Brits worldwide. 

The new GB Baseball Women's Team roadmap is organised by the BBF (info@britishbaseball.org), National Team Programme Official (Erik Gustafson email erik.gustafson@britishbaseball.org) and Team Manager (Amanda Hocking e-mail amanda.hocking@britishbaseball.org): 

But not exhaustive


  • Awareness and communications campaign about the GB Baseball Women's Team e.g., webinars, website content, communications, social media
  • Integration into GB Baseball National Team Programme
  • Connect and recruit prospective eligible team participants 
  • Set-up date(s) for 2021 tryouts, training and identify playing opportunities
  • Source public funding and private donations
  • Secure baseball equipment for the team 


  • Awareness and communications campaign about the GB Baseball Women's Team e.g., webinars, website content, communications, social media
  • Connect and recruit prospective eligible team participants
  • GB Baseball Women's training, playing opportunities and schedule released
  • GB Baseball Women's Team Tryouts
  • GB Baseball Training dates set
  • GB Baseball Women's new uniforms and hats design released
  • GB Baseball Women's player selection announced 

Note: As a result of COVID-19, all face-to-face activities have been postponed. As a result our GB Baseball Women's roadmap implementation will be delayed. Thus for details regarding 2023 - 2024 will follow, once we resume activities and can confirm future dates and plans. Stay tuned. 

British Baseball Federation WOMEN"S MISSION 

To empower and promote women so they can experience and enjoy equitable baseball opportunities to reach their potential both nationally and internationally."