We serve the public interest by improving how baseball functions and how clubs, teams officials and stakeholders conduct their business. We aim to deliver good outcomes for a wide range of participants of the sport of baseball.

Our strategic roadmap is linked to the following objectives: 

  • To organise, promote baseball in Great Britain on behalf of its membership and public.
  • To ensure the operational running of baseball is dealt with in a satisfactory manner.
  • To administer a national teams programme to represent the country in international baseball competitions.
  • To carry out any other duties as the National Governing Body of baseball.

We are committed to being open and transparent about how we oversee our sport and why we make the decisions in the manner that we do. 

Approach to Supervision - Our principles of supervision, highlight being the pro-active, intelligence-led and data-driven approach we take in our engagement with clubs, participants, officials and stakeholders. We look at operational models, culture and the things that drive behaviour within clubs, competitions and our national team programme to prioritise our activities and we take action once a breach to our standards, policies or rules has been identified. 

Approach to Enforcement - Our aim is to achieve fair and just outcomes in response to misconduct and to ensure our rules and requirements are obeyed. We carry out investigations in a  open-minded way to get the right outcomes. 

Approach to Participants - Our approach to overseeing participants sets out our initial views on what good looks like for all participants of our sport, and aims to clearly explain how we will work to diagnose and remedy actual and potential harm (mis conduct, mis-information etc), giving more certainty about our framework.

Approach to Competition - We look at how we and others deliver baseball competition , to promote competition in the interests of clubs, teams, national team programme (GB Baseball), participants and stakeholders and not for its own sake. We focus on keeping  open to entry and innovation, tackling anti-competitive conduct and intervening to ensure competitive forces drive good outcomes for participants.

Approach to Member Authorisation - We use authorisation as a tool, primarily to prevent harm from occurring, by ensuring that all member clubs and their participants meet common sets of minimum standards.