By way of background, the British Baseball Federation (BBF) is the National Governing Body (NGB) of baseball. Our reach as the NGB of our sport encompasses many aspects, e.g., officials, rules, enforcement etc. We have an extensive range of disciplinary and enforcement powers to take action against a member and non-members clubs and individuals who are failing or have failed to meet the BBF rules, code of conduct, policies, COVID-19 safety guidelines, processes, and standards we require. We take any misconduct or abuse on any official, player, coach, fan, very seriously. This BBF below guide is not intended to provide an exhaustive explanation of our actions, investigation and the enforcement process (if warranted): 

  • Withdraw a club’s or teams authorisation or membership to take part in the BBF, related activities or leagues.
  • Prohibit an individual from operating in the BBF. 
  • Prevent or suspend an individual from undertaking a specific club or teams activities (player, officiate, coach, manage or volunteer). 
  • Suspend a club, Team or entity from undertaking specific baseball activities. 
  • Censure clubs, teams and individuals through public statements. 
  • Impose financial penalties. 
  • Combination of the above. 

How the Enforcement Process works: 

1. Appointment of Examiner(s): The BBF appoint investigated examiner(s) of an incident and, if appropriate (optional), send or advise a Notice of Appointment of Examiners to the club, team or individual as soon as practicable. In some cases involving both general and specific concerns, the BBF reserves the right to appoint or refer the matter to an outside party or law enforcement. 

2. Scoping: Our initial probe with the club, team or individual(s) are intended to provide a clear indication of why we have appointed Examiners; the scope of the review; how the process is likely to unfold and an indication of the possible timing of the key milestones and next steps in the review.

3. Review work: The appointed Examiner(s) carry out the review of the incident. The mentioned may include, for example, requests for documents, images, recordings or information and interviews from witnesses or persons under review. Information may also be provided to the BBF voluntarily. For example, clubs or teams may at times organise an internal investigation or a report. 

4. Preliminary Findings: If appropriate (optional), the Examiner(s) send a document to the club or individual summarising the case as they find it, and giving a period in which the club, team or individual may provide a written response. They can apply for extra time to complete their answer.

5. Final Enforcement Notice and Options: When the Examiner(s) have a sufficient understanding of the case to make a reasonable assessment of the appropriate sanction, a club, team or individual will be informed; However, the club, team or individual will be allowed to appeal. 

Note: The BBF reserves the right to make public the Enforcement action as a matter of disclosure. The principal purpose of a public disclosure of an enforcement action is to promote transparency of enforcement proceedings. This has several benefits, including: 

  • the public will be able to understand the types of behaviour that the British Baseball Federation considers unacceptable, which in turn should encourage more compliant behaviour;
  • by disclosing enforcement actions the British Baseball Federation is taking, confidence in the BBF and their enforcement systems should be enhanced;
  • there will be more openness in respect of the enforcement process, which will generally be in the public interest;
  • it allows clubs and teams to be made aware of an enforcement action against a club, team, or individual, so they cannot carry out a BBF activity while an enforcement action is being served. 

Any lack of co-operation by the person(s) involved will be taken into account in our review and subsequent enforcement action (if warranted). In your club, team or yourself is under an Enforcement review, we ask you to refrain from any statements publicly (direct or indirect) relating to the above while our review is taking place. We further, remind you any further misconduct will be considered and added to any of our Enforcement actions. 

A player who is suspended cannot: 

  • Take batting practice with the team, before or during the game he or she is suspended. 
  • Warm-up with the team. 
  • Be on the field. 
  • Be in the dugout. 
  • Coach. 
  • Manage. 
  • Go on the field for any reason e.g., especially if there is an altercation. 
  • Incite from the sidelines. 

2020 Enforcement actions

1. 31 August 2020 involving a player, to view  link

2. 28 September 2020 involving a player to view link. 

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