Mrs Amanda "Doris" Hocking | Women's Team Manager

Proud of her Rhode Island family roots, Amanda discovered her love for baseball and the Boston Red Sox. At age eight years of age, Amanda proudly brought her baseball equipment to school and asked her teacher if the class could play baseball instead of rounders, the teacher approved her request and was allowed to lead the classroom alongside her. Little did she know 25 years later, she would become the first manager of the Great Britain Women's National Team. 

Amanda, who is commonly known by the name "Doris," started her baseball career as the first female player and a Committee member of the St Austell Claycutters (Now Cornish Claycutters). After leaving the Club at the end of the season, Amanda has been playing in France which has helped gain more experience and knowledge in developing women's baseball.  After winning the Tomcat Baseball Club's Best Hitter Award in 2018, she was selected to play for the European team at the LG International Women's Baseball Tournament where she became the first Briton to represent the UK. Her efforts in developing the sport were recognised by WBAK - Women's Baseball Association Korea, who selected Amanda to open up the Tournament at the Opening Ceremony alongside Korean player Jung Hye Min.

Using her experiences as a baseball player, Amanda founded Women's Baseball UK in 2017, a nonprofit organisation that provides opportunities for girls and women to play, develop, coach, and lead in UK baseball. To help raise awareness for Clubs accommodating female players, Amanda proudly created the WB-UK Seal of Approval in hopes to form a more welcoming environment for everyone. By making small adjustments, this could lead to a positive and safe experience for all players across the UK. To help grow the sport further, Women's Baseball UK was incorporated under the British Baseball Federation umbrella on the 30th May 2020, securing a bright and confident future for baseball in the UK.

On the 30th May 2020, the British Baseball Federation announced a roadmap to promote women's baseball. For example, the formation of an all women's baseball league in 2021 and a Great Britain Baseball (GB Baseball) Women's National Team. 

Amanda Hocking was named the first-ever Women Manager of the GB Baseball Women's National Team. Also, Amanda has been appointed the representative of the BBF to work with their Seniors' Commissioner to organise a Women's League in 2021.