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News Report

GB Baseball Funding Awarded

11/10/21 | BBF

BBF Delighted to announce successful Great Britain Baseball Grant, receives £86,250 in funding from UK Sport

The British Baseball Federation is delighted to announce that the GB Baseball Men’s Senior Team has been successful in receiving the offer of an award from the National Squads Support Fund (NSSF), managed by UK Sport. Following the successful application, GB Baseball has been offered an award of £86,250 from the NSSF, the largest government funding grant received by GB Baseball in the past 15 years. 

Today’s announcement is the result of a collaborative effort between the BBF, BSUK and key GB Men’s Baseball personnel, all of whom intensely worked together over the past five months to
obtain this award from UK Sport. The BBF would like to thank UK Sport for its support, as well to express its appreciation to the staff of BSUK for their work over more than 18 months to prepare for this application process. 

Drew Spencer, Great Britain Baseball Head Coach:

“I can’t help but to think about the many Baseball players who will benefit from this grant. It will make a material impact on our athletes’ lives and for that I’m truly grateful to UK Sport as well as to the BBF and BSUK, who worked together to bring it to fruition.

Erik Gustafson,
BBF National Teams Programme Officer and Interim Presiding Officer: 

“Today’s announcement is tremendously significant for not only our sport, but also for the advancement of the Men’s GB Baseball programme,” said BBF National Teams Programme Officer and Interim Presiding Officer, Erik Gustafson. “Following our strong result in the last two months at both the European U23 Baseball Championship (4th place) and the European Men’s Senior Baseball
Championship (6th place), this grant will help GB take the next step forward for the rest of this decade. Most importantly, UK Sport has allowed us to receive the additional means to develop a
coordinated approach with BaseballSoftballUK to develop talented athletes who live in the UK. For the first time, with the assistance of BaseballSoftballUK, we will be able to plan a targeted
approach to develop athletic talent throughout all British leagues for the benefit of Men’s GB Baseball, enabled by investment from UK Sport. This award allows GB Baseball to execute a new strategy for our programme, which will target the work required to qualify Great Britain for the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028, as well as to invest in our athletes to achieve a medal for our
country at the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane.”

“Thanks to this grant, GB Men’s Baseball will be well positioned to be able to achieve success on the
international stage by combining our growing robust domestic talent development system, together with additional British international talent.”

John Boyd, BaseballSoftballUK CEO:

“Thanks to the work of the team at BaseballSoftballUK and the clear leadership provided by the BBF Board and GB Men’s Baseball, we have been able to secure this investment into the GB Baseball programme at the very last moment” said BaseballSoftballUK CEO, John Boyd. “In part due to the
work already done to secure a grant for GB Softball, announced in March this year , we were well positioned to make a strong case to UK Sport for their support for GB Men’s Baseball. Securing government investment such as this takes considerable effort and background work. It’s not just a funding application - it requires robust systems of governance, financial management and
professionalism. Working with the BBF to secure this grant is an important reminder of how much can be achieved when we come together for the benefit of this great sport.”

Sally Munday, CEO at UK Sport:

Sally Munday, CEO at UK Sport, said “The National Squads Support Fund is a key part of our new investment approach and demonstrates our commitment to a wider group of sports and athletes in
our Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community. We are investing in a longer-term, holistic view of success, powering a broader range of sports, champions and medallists, built on the
highest standards of integrity and partnership.”

The National Squads Support Fund is available to summer Olympic and Paralympic sports that did not receive World Class Programme or Progression funding as part of the December investment process for the build-up to Tokyo and through to Paris 2024 and beyond. Six Olympic and two Paralympic sports will initially benefit from the NSSF. For the purposes of this grant, baseball and softball are seen as two medals within the same sport.