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The British Baseball Federation (BBF) will be hosting the Youth National Baseball Championships (YNBCs) on Sat 14 and Sun 15 September 2019 at Farnham Park (Beaconsfield Rd, Slough SL2 3BP). 

There is no registration fee for all BBF members club youth teams to be a part of the YNBC's. However, for non-affiliated teams they can enter an application to be reviewed by the BBF for eligibility to the tournament. If a non-BBF youth member team wants to enter the YNBCs, they are subject to a £25 entry fee. 


The BBF YNBCs are both for skilled and developmental players. Hence, there are two mentioned skills levels for the YNBCs. That is, 

  • Skilled Level: Players with two or more years of organised baseball experience or advanced skills, he or she should take part with a registered BBF member club in the Skilled Division. 
  • Developmental Level: For players with two years or less of experience, or still developing, he or she can take part in our Developmental Division. 

The aim of the above is to mix the teams with skills against other teams with similar skills, which makes the experience for all more rewarding," said a spokesperson for the BBF. 

IMPORTANT: There is no guarantee there will be play for each division (whether Developmental or Skilled) as it is based off how many teams enter, per age and skill divisions. On or before 30 August the BBF will confirm each divisional tournament format. 

AGE GROUPS (similar to PONY Baseball Age Groups with exceptions e.g., Coaches Pitch etc) 

Different age groups will be available: 


  • 10U  
  • 12U 
  • 14U
  • 16U
  • 18U 


  • Coaches Pitch 10U *
  • 10U  
  • 12U 
  • 14U
  • 16U
  • 18U 

* Subject to change after consultation with member club teams in respective division. For questions or waivers refer to 


Baseballs for the tournament will be provided by the BBF. 

  • Safety baseballs for ages 8U and 10U. The Safety Ball has an authentic baseball look with a soft, cushioned construction, which is for young players playing without the fear of impact.
  • Regular Baseballs: The Baden (3B-NHFS) and Wilson (A1010) have been selected as the exclusive baseballs for the British Baseball Federation (BBF), valid for the 2019 season. The aforementioned applies to the BBF organised Youth National Baseball Championships for ages 12U and above. 

The Baden or Wilson baseball will be used for each game, but we will not mix the different types of baseballs during a game. 


Officials for the 14-15 September, will be provided by the BBF for ages 10U or higher. 


The YNBCs will be streamed live (select games) through the British Baseball Federation YOUTUBE Channel. Subscribe now click the red arrows (in the image below). 


The following bat list is allowed for the tournament subject to respective age group. Click here

NOTE: Bats will be checked before and during a game. 

FARNHAM PARK - Address: Beaconsfield Rd, Slough SL2 3BP

All the action will be taking place on four diamonds throughout the weekend of the 14-15 September. Games times, format, schedules will be made available by the 1 September, in lieu of teams not registering until the 25 August. There will be food and drinks available at Farnham Park the Home Plate Cafe (for more information click here). 


There is no visitors entry or car park fee to attend and watch. However, bring your own blanket or chair. 

There is no entry fee for BBF Registered Club teams to take part in the YNBCs. For non-registered BBF teams wanting to take part there is a £25 fee per team, however, teams need to first register, await review and approval to enter. 


Registration for the YNBCs is now open. Any club wanting to take part needs to register on or before 25 August with the BBF. Subsequent, the BBF will consult with teams, finalise the format and schedule for the 14-15 September on or before 1st September. 

For more information or if you require assistance please email our Youth Commissioner Peter Bohn

All information posted on this site is subject to change without notice. 

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