British Baseball Federation

As part of our governance framework, we aim to be transparent about our Club Membership fees, so our members can view and compare our value to what it costs to join us. 

IMPORTANT: As a result of COVID-19, the BBF realises the economic challenges for our members. Thus, we decided and have returned 100% all membership fees, to ease the financial impact on our members. 

Membership period (subject to 100% payment and BBF approval): 1st December 2019 to 30th November 2020, however only active once you pay. 

Eligibility: British Baseball Clubs only, domiciled in the UK, which are in good standing, adhere to our terms and fees. See more at the bottom. 


  • Insurance fees are 100% due to receive insurance coverage (inclusive senior and youth teams).  
  • 31 January 2020: National Baseball League and Triple-A teams deadline to pay 100% of their BBF fees applicable.  
  • 31 January 2020: Double-A and Single-A teams deadline to pay 50% of their BBF fees applicable. The balance (50%) is due on or before 31 March 2020.  
  • 31 January 2020: Youth teams deadline to pay 50% of their BBF fees applicable. The balance (50%) is due on or before 29 February 2020.  
  • 29 February 2020: Youth teams wanting to take part in Little League need to pay £15 to the BBF.  


Club fees

  • £130 Club insurance to be paid one time only; regardless how many teams. The mentioned is a 10% discount from 2019. 
  • £25 per team Personal Team insurance  (youth or seniors) fee. The mentioned is a 16% discount from 2019. 

Seniors teams only 

  • £400 for the first team registered. 
  • £320 for the second team and for each thereafter. 

Note: £100 is applied to any team taking part in the National Baseball League. 

Youth teams only

  • U11 @ £75 per team
  • U13 @ 100 per team
  • U15 @ £125 per team
  • U19 @ 150 per team 

Little League registration fees

@ £15 per team


  1. Example one: One Seniors Club Team only - 
    1. £130 Club insurance +
    2. £25 Personal Team insurance +
    3. £400 Seniors BBF Team fee +
    4. = £555 per 2020 season or team. 
    5. Analysis: 18 team members and a 20 game schedule (minimum) = £30 per team or £1.50 per game per player (= £30/20 games). 
  2. Example two: Two Seniors Club Teams only - 
    1. £130 Club Insurance +
    2. £50 (=£25 x 2 teams) Personal Team insurance +
    3. £720 (=£400 + £320) Two Seniors BBF Team fees +
    4. = £900 per season or team. 
    5. Analysis: 36 teams members (= 18 team members x 2 teams) | £900 / 36 = £25 per player. 


Each club application is assessed on a case by case basis . In doing so, the BBF considers the following factors  list is not exhaustive):

  • Location of club and participants – the club must be located and the participants must be domiciled in the UK (for insurance purposes). 
  • Appropriate resources - this includes a club or its team wanting to take part in our leagues, to having access to a baseball playing field, capital adequacy requirements to pay your annual fees and run your clubs, as well as skilled individuals to run your club and teams. If you take part in our leagues, you must have access to officials who understand the rules. 
  • Ability for clubs to be supervised effectively – we make it clear that we expect firms to be open and honest in their dealings with us. We take very seriously any non-disclosure of information that could impact our assessment and risk your insurance coverage, all participants of your club, need to adhere to our rules, terms, constitution and conditions. Provide us details about your club and participants, so we can have a record for insurance purposes, assess the number of participants per club/team, adhere to safeguarding standards, and UKAD Anti Doping Rules. It is important that you fully disclose to us any information that we ask for. 
  • Clubs will need to carry out the necessary risk assessments for insurance purposes when required. Adhere to and pay our fees (including insurance) on time. 
  • Conduct –  Individuals of the club to carry themselves to an appropriate manner i.e., both on and off the field (includes social media). 
  • Club model – this refers to how the firm is run. For example, member clubs are expected to have a constitution, a proper way to communicate to their participants our terms and rules, to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and is accountable for their actions. If your club does not have a constitution click here for a template. 
  • Fitness and propriety of the Club and its individuals to perform the activities for which they seek membership.