As a club member to the British Baseball Federation (BBF) our aim is to assist your club to mitigate its risks and liability. As part of your club membership to the BBF you will receive two types of insurance e.g., combined liability and personal insurance. We offer some of the top coverage for baseball clubs considering you are part of the BBF and adhere to the nationally recognised rules, guidelines and standards for baseball.

The mentioned insurance coverage adheres to a number of terms. For example, (but not limited to): 

  • Your eligible participants coverage is for UK residents only. 
  • Coverage starts when you pay your fees to the BBF in full and receive confirmation. 
  • The maximum term coverage is from 1 Dec 2019 to 30 November 2020. 
  • No pro-rata fees. 
  • No refunds. 
  • Only applicable for registered BBF teams which play against other BBF registered teams. 
  • Covers legal liability for damages and legal costs arising from a third party loss (subject to terms). 
  • Injury arising out of baseball activities, recognised or authorised activities of the organisation anywhere in the world, including competitions attendance by officials instructors teams and members in external competition sanctioned by the Insured or whilst representing the Insured in the participation in the recognised activities or necessary in the administration and running of the recognised activities. 
  • Arranged presentation ceremonies and social events or whilst representing the Insured at such events arranged or organised by third parties.
  • Clubs and teams are required to follow our risk assessment and safety COVID-19 guidelines before any game, take any corrective actions and advise us promptly of any issues. 

IMPORTANT: As a result of COVID-19, each club and team(s) are required to assign a COVID-19 Key Contact with us (registration link), before taking part in any activity. Further, each club or team is required to follow our risk assessment and safety guidelines at all times (link). 


  • Criminal Acts.  
  • The ownership, possession or use of any mechanically propelled vehicle, aircraft, hovercraft or water-borne craft.
  • Product Guarantee or recall, repair or replacement.
  • In connection with damage to any data.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Damage to own property.
  • Abuse in respect of the individual accused or alleged to have committed abuse or have permitted abuse.
  • Incidents prior to the retroactive date.
  • Incidents / claims known to you but not reported to Insurers.
  • Loss of income due to an injury or accident.
  • Spectators.
  • Persons deemed to require a DBS check and have failed to do so, which risks your club in case of a future Safe guarding incident.
  • No travel insurance. 
  • Our insurance is non-transferable to another entity. 
  • Ages below 3 years and 80 or above. 
  • Pets or animals injured during any activity. 
  • Playing non-BBF registered members in practise, games, All-Star games, postseason, tournaments or other baseball activities. 
  • Playing or taking part in an activity against medical advice not to do so. 
  • Not adhering to the BBF rules, policies and guidelines during an activity or taking part in our sport. 


It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim are reported to us as soon as possible after the event. This will enable our insurers to carry out investigations at an early stage whilst information relating to the claim remains fresh in the mind. This will also ensure that you are complying fully with your policy terms and conditions.  

In order to achieve this, we ask that you notify us immediately of any incident that involves (but not limited to): 

  •  a fatal accident.
  •  an injury involving either referral to or actual hospital treatment.
  •  any allegations of libel/slander.
  •  any allegations of Professional Negligence i.e. arising out of coaching or advice given. 
  •  any investigation under any child protection legislation.
  •  any circumstance involving damage to third party property.
  • any reported case of exposure or having symptoms of COVID-19.

An injury is defined as:

  •  any head injury that requires medical treatment [Doctor or Hospital.]
  •  any fracture other than to fingers, thumbs or toes.
  •  any amputation, dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee or spine. 
  •  loss of sight [whether temporary or permanent.] 
  • any injury resulting from electrical shock or burn, leading to unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours. 
  • any other injury leading to hypothermia, heat induced illness or to unconsciousness which requires resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours. 
  • loss of consciousness caused by asphyxia or by exposure to a harmful substance or biological agent. 

Please note the above list is not exhaustive and if you are unsure as to whether an incident or accident (injury) should be reported, then please do not hesitate to contact for further advice. 


We would recommend that a designated person within your organisation is made responsible to record any reportable accident. Records must be kept for at least three years. Names and addresses of any possible witnesses should also be recorded.  

Current legislation does not specify the format of an accident register but the Accident Book BI 510 obtainable from HMSO is frequently used and is approved by the Information Commissioner for D&A Compliance.

The register must contain the following information relating to all reportable accidents or dangerous occurrences: 

  • date and time of accident 
  • as regards a person at work - full name; occupation; nature of injury; age 
  • as regards a person not at work - full name; status [e.g. customer]; nature of injury; age 
  • place where accident occurred 
  • a brief description of the circumstances 
  • method by which the event was reported.