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News Report

World Baseball Classic Qualifiers Postponed

13/03/20 | BBF

MLB announcement

12 March 2020 

World Baseball Classic Qualifiers Postponed 

Today, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced the postponement of the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers which were scheduled to take place between the 13-18 Pool I and 20-25 Pool II (Great Britain) in March for teams from around the world. The above MLB decision comes amid the coronavirus (CORID-19) pandemic. Further MLB announced the postponement of spring training and the start of the regular season by two weeks. 

A spokesperson, for the British Baseball Federation, said, "Some of our Great Britain National Team and envoys were in preparation, already in route or on the ground in Tucson, Arizona, when they got the news.  Today's announcement comes with great regret; however, MLB is tuned into the risks, and we have confidence they made the best decision for the sport, people and to mitigate the chances of the virus spread. We should expect more about MLB rescheduling the start of the MLB season and WBC Qualifiers in the coming days. For now, our aim turns to ensure our team players and coaches in the USA, get home safely." 

Across the globe, the effects of the coronavirus are having an impact on the cancellation on different types of sports seasons or events, e.g., NBA, MLS, MLB, Champions League, etc. 

Earlier today the BBF put out its coronavirus statement (in brief), "the risk of the suspension to the start of the BBF season is at 50%. The BBF was monitoring the situation and provided useful precautions to its participants to take to prevent the spread of the virus, see below. 

Please stay tuned to the BBF website for further, coronavirus updates. 

Best precautions to prevent coronavirus spread and other info:

  • Wash your hands frequently and regularly. Use hand sanitiser if soap is unavailable.

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.

  • Refrain from unnecessary contact, if possible., e.g., shaking hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • If you experience any symptoms, e.g., difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle aches, cough and fever, seek medical guidance.
  • If you are unwell, don't return to action until you are given the all-clear.

  • Throw away any tissue after use, to prevent contamination.

  • Don't share drinking liquids from the same bottle or glass.

  • Clean and disinfect your baseball equipment.

  • Practise good hygiene, which mitigates your risks of catching the virus.

  • Avoid travel to any countries where government warnings are in place.