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We invite everyone to support the Herts Falcons as they take part in the Federations Cup

Author: BBF , 16/05/19

Go Herts Falcons!

Go Herts Falcons Federations Cup

CEB Europe Federations Cup - Pool 2 | 10th - 15th June 2019 | Bulgaria 

The Herts Falcons, from the British Baseball Federation (BBF) National Baseball League (NBL) will take part in the CEB Europe Federations Cup - Pool 2, on the 10th - 15th June 2019 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. 

The Falcons enter the Federations Cup after finishing runner up in the NBL in 2018. Herts Falcons will be a Pool 2 and be a part of the following pool of teams competing in June: 

  • Athletic Sofia (BUL)
  • CS Atletico Alexandria (ROM)
  • Herts Falcons (GBR)
  • Sölvesborg Firehawks (SWE)
  • UKS Deby Osielsko (POL)
  • Utenos Titanai (LTU)

We invite everyone in British Baseball to support the Herts Falcons, which will be making their first club appearance in the Federations Cup. Herts roster is made up of veterans and rookies taking part in international play. However, Herts makes up their inexperience in international competition with will and desire to compete at the highest level. We could not be prouder of the Herts Falcons representing British Baseball. Go Herts Falcons! said a spokesperson for the BBF. 

CEB Europe will be broadcasting live game information for all games throughout the tournament. To learn more follow the link

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