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News Report

New BBF scoring app

26/11/20 | BBF

Powered by WBSC My Ball Club - free for our member leagues

26 November 2020

The British Baseball Federation is excited to announce the introduction of a new baseball scoring application My Ball Club and statistics website (coming soon) which includes a complete player, team and league management system. 

The WBSC sponsored scorekeeping management application (app) My Ball Club offers users the ability to quickly and intuitively score baseball games. In 2021, the My Ball Club app will be made available to the BBF baseball leagues, at no extra cost. The app offers each member club and teams the ability to enter, capture, edit and share game scores for baseball leagues and special events for youth, women and seniors. 

BBF Officials Commissioner Gabor Erdos says: "British baseball has a catch-up to do in the field of scoring. The introduction of My Ball Club app and MyWBSC features are significant steps in the right direction. The My Ball Club app is an intuitive tool that will allow scorers (beginners and skilled) to keep track of the game. Fans afar can check and follow the BBF games (youth and adult) online pitch by pitch. Box scores will be available on the website as the game finishes. League tables, team-level statistics, individual batting, pitching and defensive leaderboards are also part of the scorekeeping solution. 

The My Ball Club app will link to the WBSC global digital platform seen by millions, whereby player's statistics will be individually distinguishable, recorded, archived, accessible, and provide exposure to worldwide fans, media, talent scouts and college coaches. Further, our national team players can assess their progress through the years of international baseball competition."


  • Improved scorekeeping experience. 
  • Keeps baseball scoring simple. 
  • It is free for BBF member leagues to use. 
  • Connects the user to the BBF league website and displays your team and player statistics instantly. 
  • Share rosters in advance of games to pre-empt delays on game day. 
  • Available for BBF youth (Little League), women and senior league competitions. 
  • Improved governance (systems and controls) of league management and statistics verification. 
  • Upload player photos to share with your team, and tag your players.
  • Complete regular and postseason statistics. 
  • Enrichment of player statistics (youth, women and seniors leagues), to drive more engagement from players, coaches and fans.
  • All BBF player statistics and honours e.g., batting title, top ERA, etc, for youth, women and seniors (all divisions) recorded in the app are officially recognised nationally and internationally. 

The My Ball Club app is one of the many tools on offer to WBSC National Federations (BBF) as part of the MyWBSC community. 

NOTE: BBF Club registration starts 1st December