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National Championships Single-A and Double-A

Author: BBF, 31/08/19

Sat 7th and 8th September to be streamed on the BBF YouTube Channel.

Saturday 31st August 

2019 National Championships Single-A and Double-A 

The regular season for Single-A and Double-A started on the 7th April, but the postseason has arrived. 

The Single-A and Double-A Semi and Finals are scheduled to be played on Saturday, 7th and Sunday, 8th September 2019 at Farnham Park , Beaconsfield Rd, Slough SL2 3BP 

The teams and matchups to know: 


GAME ONE: Birmingham Outlaws vs South Coast Pirates | field one at 12:00 BST

The Birmingham Outlaws are coming into the Semi-Finals after defeating the London Musketeers, on the 25th August. The Birmingham Outlaws bring the Semi-Finals a lot of hitting power and defence tenacity. Can the purple and black team (Birmingham Outlaws) travel down to Farnham Park and undo the South Coast Pirates? 

The South Coast Pirates come into the Semi-Finals after winning a slugfest against the Essex Archers last week. The South Coast Pirates are the big surprise in Single-A, are determined to make a splash in the Semi-Finals and have earned home team advantage. 

GAME TWO: Leicester Blue Sox vs Long Eaton Storm | field one at 15:00 BST (est).  

Game two at Farnham Park for the Single-A Semi-Finals consists of the Leicester Blue Sox coming in to face the defending National Champion (2018) the Long Eaton Storm. The Blue Sox come in with a long history of making the playoffs over the years. The club brings to the Semi-Finals their distinctive hitting power to unseat the Storm. 

However, will the Long Eaton Storm experienced pitchers be able to ward off the Leicester Blue Sox hitting power? 

The Storm have a history of getting it done when there is the most pressure. The Blue Sox are expected to give the Storm pressure from when the umpire yells "Play Ball" so get ready, this game has everything you expect to be a showcase of the best of Single-A action. 

The winner of Game One and Two above play in the Finals on Sunday 8th September at Farnham Park. The mentioned will be streamed on the British Baseball Federation (BBF), YouTube Channel. Subscribe now link, and it is free, so tune in next weekend and watch the best of British Baseball. 


GAME ONE: Milton Keynes Bucks vs Bournemouth Bears | field two at 12:00 BST

The hard-nose Milton Keynes Bucks come into the Semi-Finals with a strong work ethic to get the job done. Last week, the Bucks defeated the Guildford Mavericks and showed strength on both sides of the field e.g., offensively they bring in a lot of extra base hitting power and defensively they gel well to defend against the opposing team i.e., both on the mound and on the diamond. The Bucks have shown all year they are a contender for the Championship and destiny awaits. 

However, before the Bucks can get into the Finals, they must take on the mighty Bournemouth Bears. The Bears are the perennial favourites in Double-A to win the Championship. The Bears have been looking ahead to showcase their powerhouse team all year.  

Here is a Bears team with experience, youth and fundamentally sound on the diamond. When they need to make the big play they have shown all year, they belong at the top of the Double-A. But, first, the Bucks await. This game between the Bucks and Bears will be streamed live on the British Baseball Federation YouTube Channel, so tune in link. 

GAME TWO: London Marauders vs Bristol Badgers | field two at 15:00 (est)

The London Marauders from Finsbury Park in Central London, awaiting to make their impact in the Playoffs. The Marauders are loaded and are expected to make their presence established in the Semi-Finals. The men in white and blue being a part of the London Mets organisation are set to impress and carry the tradition of the club into the Semi-Finals. 

However, the Marauders are going up against those incredible Bristol Badgers. The Badgers come in after a surprising win in the Quarterfinals against the Sidewinders. The Badgers never say, ever give-up and bring in their lucky badger mascot to the Semi-Finals. 

From Bristol the Badgers are experienced and have shown all year they can come back when required and expect to give the Marauders a great game. This game will be the second game in our British Baseball Federation YouTube Broadcast doubleheader scheduled for the 7th September, so tune in link. 

The winners of both Single-A and Double-A play for the Finals on Sunday, 8th September at Farnham Park. 

  1. 12:00 BST - DOUBLE-A FINALS 
  2. 15:00 BST - SINGLE-A FINALS 

Both games above will be streamed on YouTube link.


The BBF Seniors Baseball Leagues (amateur) have long been established as the benchmark for British Baseball. The BBF Seniors Leagues include some of the top European baseball club competition in Europe, with the postseason championships (usually August or September), streamed through the BBF YouTube Channel. There are over 40 Senior teams made up of four divisions.

  1. National Baseball League (NBL) is the BBF top league. 
  2. Triple-A 
  3. Double-A
  4. Single-A

Teams in the BBF Leagues are made up of member participants registered to the BBF and adhere to our NGB standards and rules. BBF Leagues are reserved for member Clubs only. 

The BBF Senior Leagues compete in the domestic competition each weekend during the season, with the schedule starting in April (for all divisions) and often ends in August. The conclusion to the regular season carries over to the National Baseball Championships (NBC's) which take place in August and September, for all four divisions. Further, the winners of our top leagues are recognised by the WBSC, CEB Europe etc., as the official National Baseball Champions of Great Britain.

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