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News Report

In response to BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK)

04/08/20 | BBF

The British Baseball Federation - BBF (the National Governing Body of the sport of baseball) has had no input in the BSUK Strategic Plan.

On Monday, 3 August, 2020 BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK) released a public statement about their New Strategy for Baseball and Softball in the United Kingdom https://www.baseballsoftballuk...

The above BSUK Strategic Plan contains factual inaccuracies and is misleading which requires us to make the following statement:

The British Baseball Federation - BBF (the National Governing Body of the sport of baseball) has had no input in the BSUK Strategic Plan.  The BBF has sought meetings with the independent directors of BSUK for over seven months to discuss the BSUK strategy another material operational and performance issues with BSUK but our requests have been dismissed.  The BBF board has reviewed the BSUK Strategic Plan and has concluded it cannot support what BSUK is proposing for the following reasons:

  • In 2019 the independent chairwomen and senior independent non-executive director of BSUK resigned alleging serious corporate governance issues, and inability for BSUK senior management to reset the relationship and move to a productive relationship; 
  • As a result of the allegations and lack of acknowledgment by BSUK on the above matter the BBF board issued a “no confidence” letter to BSUK in August 2019; and  
  • In 2019 at the request of Sport England,  the accounting firm BDO conducted a review of BSUK’s governance (BDO Report).  The BBF board after being denied access for six months, has now been able to review the BDO Report (dated February 2020 but only received by the BBF on 28 July 2020) and considers the finding very significant.  Unfortunately, due to confidentiality provisions in BBF’s agreement with BSUK, the BBF is not contractually permitted to share details of the BDO Report.  If you would like a copy of the BDO Report (so you know why the BBF decided not to support the BSUK Strategic Plan) we suggest you contact BSUK directly.  We strongly suggest you request the full Governance Review which consists of 43 pages.   

As a result of the above the BBF does not endorse the BSUK Strategic Plan.

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