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GB Baseball U12 win again, against Ukraine

Author: BBF, 03/07/19

European Qualifiers U12 results - 3 July 2019

Wed 3rd July 2019 

Today, we resumed the action of GB Baseball U12 team, as they faced the Ukraine National Team. Both sides were coming in with a record of one win and no losses and a top of the standings. For example, GB Baseball is coming off a big win against Romania (20-0) on day one and Ukraine coming in with a win against Lithuania (5-15). 

Earlier today, there were two other games which had Romania lose (5 runs) to Austria (24 runs), and Slovakia (21 runs) beat Lithuania (13 runs).

The afternoon and final game of the day, scheduled on field two of two, Ukraine (home team) vs GB Baseball (away team), started with sunny skies and a temperature high of 20 C. The game played on a full dirt (skin) infield. 

GB Baseball U12 Team Head Coach, Eric Anderson in his first full year, said, "We have a tough matchup with a solid Ukraine team today.  They are aggressive at the plate and have solid pitching.  We need to come out today like we did yesterday with great effort and enthusiasm.  It is going to be a battle!"

As both teams took to the field, the determination on the faces of both team players was evident, that we were in for a good game. 

Inning one

The starting pitcher for GB Baseball, today, was yesterday's pitching ace, Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler. The mentioned in consideration, Dylan only pitched in two innings and only threw 27 pitches in game one. 

GB Baseball is coming in to face Ukraine pitcher Maksym Malysh, with scouting reports, showing he is a control pitcher, who walks few. 

In the top of the first inning, GB Baseball gets a double from Christian (Clutch) McCarthy to deep centre. He is followed by a single from Harfield, with McCarthy advancing to third base. With a first and third situation GB Baseball coach, Anderson sends Harfield to steal third, and he successfully does. With two youths in scoring positions, Erik Gustafson, sacrifices to second base, scoring McCarthy, one run. GB Baseball ends the inning stranding one runner. 

In the bottom of the first inning, Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler pitches a gem where he left off yesterday, e.g., striking out two batters (K) and gets the third out on a ground out. So, after one full inning, GB Baseball one run on two hits and Ukraine, nil, on no hits. 

Inning two

In the top of the second inning, GB Baseball is only able to get a single baserunner (Lorenzo Fenton) on with a walk, who later advances to second base after a sacrifice ground ball by Samuel Sporleder. However, the half-inning ends with GB Baseball leaving one runner on base, and Ukraine, only facing four GB Baseball batters. 

In the bottom of the second inning, Ukraine gets a runner on first base after striking out. However, the ball gets away from the catcher and the batter reaching first base successfully.  With two outs Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler strikes out the final batter, and Ukraine stands one base runner with no hits or runs. 

The excitement mounts on the GB Baseball side with parents and attendees supporting the U12s. 

Inning three

At the top of the inning, we find Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler, leading off with a solid hit up the middle to centre. Now the Great Britain flags come out, and the cheers begin to intense, e.g., GO GB BASEBALL!  Not to be outdone the Ukraine parents start waving their flags and chants in support of their team. 

Christian (Clutch) McCarthy, number two batter squares off to bunt advancing Lawler to second, however, on the through to first, Lawler tries to stretch it to third and is thrown out for out number one. McCarthy reaches first successfully. 

Up to bat is Travis Harfield, reaches first base on a fielder's choice and McCarthy advances to second base. With runners on first and second for GB Baseball, Erik Gustafson comes up to bat. Erik flies out to centre, and the base runners are unable to advance because of the short ball to centre. 

Now up to bat Arnav Rai, gets a single through the infield, leaving the situation bases loaded for GB Baseball. 

Number sixth batter in the GB Baseball lineup Sabestian Bozo (Lefty) hits a massive triple to right field and scores three GB Baseball runners. The inning goes on to end with GB Baseball scoring three runs and stranding one runner. 

In the bottom of the third inning, Ukraine, brings up hitters number eight, nine and one (top of the order) to face Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler. Dylan facing hitter Borys Garan brings the count to 1 and 2. Dylan reaches back and throws a fastball on the outside corner. However, Garan hits in the hole in short. The ball fielded by Travis Harfield, deep in the hole and with a tough throw forces him in error, allowing the hitter to get to first.  A tough play and great attempt from Travis Harfield. 

Ukraine follows with a fit off Dylan (GB Baseball), and we have runners on first and second base and no outs. The mentioned brings Coach Anderson and the coaching staff much debate about the situation. 

However, Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler, settles down to strike out the next hitter and to get the subsequent hitter to fly out. With base runners on first and second, the Ukraine fans pick up the chants (Ukraine). 

Coach Eric (The Hook) Anderson, comes out and makes a pitching change, e.g., Lawler for Sebastian Bozzo. Bozzo comes in to face number three hitter in the Ukraine lineup Dmitriev Anampov. Anapov singles, however, the base runners only advance one base, leaving the bases loaded. 

Sebastian (Lefty) Bozzo, now faces a bases-loaded situation, with two outs and Ukraines power hitter coming up. Sebastian brings the count to 2 balls and one strike and gets the Ukraine hitter to hit a routine flyout to right field, ending the inning. So, after three full innings, we have GB Baseball up four runs to Ukraine nil. 

Inning four

GB Baseball in the top of the fourth inning sees the first hitter ground out. The mentioned is followed by a single from Daniel Aisa-Miller. With the top of the GB Baseball order coming up. Dylan, after a 2-2 count, hits a fly out to centre field for out number two, with a runner on first base. 

Christian McCarthy facing the Ukraine pitcher gets a wild pitch which advances Aisa-Miller to second. With a runner on second and two outs,  Christian (Clutch) McCarthy, singles in the runner, and picking up an RBI. 

The above brings in to the box Travis (The Natural) Harfield up to bat. Harfield looks for the pitch and hits a monster shot to right field which the right fielder cannot track down in time, as Travis hits an inside the park home-run. The half inning ends GB Baseball up seven runs to nil. 

In the bottom of the fourth, we find Sebastian (Lefty) Bozzo on the mound ready to face the fifth, sixth and seventh hitters for Ukraine. The first batter for Ukraine hits a single up the middle. The next, batter grounds out. They are followed by the next hitter getting on with a walk. Now, with runners on first and second, the runners advance one base on a passed ball. Ukraine is now threatening with runners on second and third base and two outs. 

Sebastian (Lefty) Bozzo brings the count to two balls and two strikes on the number nine hitter. Watching the action from the dugout for GB Baseball is head coach Eric (The Hook) Anderson. Deciding not to make a pitching change, The Hook puts his trust in Lefty Bozzo. The mentioned turns out to be the right move of faith as Lefty Bozzo, strikes out the batter for the final out. So after four full innings, GB Baseball seven runs and Ukraine nil. 

Inning five

Brings the GB Baseball coaching staff into a conference in the dugout, i.e., coaches The Hook Anderson, Erik Gustafsson and Jamie Dix, assistant coaches. 

Starting the top of the fifth, we find our fifth hitter Arnav Rai getting hit by a pitch. With no ill intent by Ukraine to hit Arnav, he shakes it off and runs to first. 

Sebastian (Lefty) Bozzo, comes up and flies out to left field. With one out Lorenzo Fenton gets called on a close call for out number two. Coming up is Samuel (Secretary of Defence) Yates. Yates comes in to pinch hit for Samuel (Splendid Splinter) Sporleder.  Yates walks which means GB Baseball has two men on.  The next hitter strikes out for GB Baseball. The top of the fifth inning ends with GB Baseball up seven runs to nil, Ukraine. 

Head Coach (The Hook) Anderson, decides to leave Lefty Bozzo, in the fifth to face the top of the Ukraine batting order. Confidence in keeping Sebastian (Lefty) Bozzo pays dividends as he strikes out the first two batters swinging. For the third hitter for Ukraine, Eric (The Hook) Anderson, lives up to his nickname and makes a pitching change i.e., switching Bozzo for Erik Guftafson.

Erik Gustafson works the count on the Ukraine hitter and throws a wicked tailing fastball which the hitter reaches out and fly out to right field for the third out. 

So after five full innings, it is GB Baseball seven runs on nine hits and no errors to Ukraine nil, on three hits and no errors. 

Inning six

GB Baseball coming up with Dylan (The Say Hey Kid) Lawler (the top of the order). And The Say Hey Kid hits a screaming triple to left field. A stand-up triple. Now up to bat Christian (Clutch) McCarthy, who delivers an RBI single, scoring The Say Hey Kid. 

Travis (The Natural) Harfield comes up and again delivers an extra-base hit (triple) scoring McCarthy.  Next, Gustafson hits a single and gains an RBI by bringing in Harfield. 

Not to be outdone Arnav Rai hits a single advancing Gustafson. 
With runners on the corners (first and third) Lefty Bozzo, is up to bat. The mentioned brings multiple changes by Ukraine (pitching and defensive). 

Now the GB Baseball fans are on their feet chanting for their team. 

Bozzo delivers with a single to right scoring Rai. 

Brandon Cochrane comes in to pinch hit for GB Baseball and gets a streaming single to left field. With runners on first and second, GB Baseball threatens to score again. GB Baseball sends in another pinch hitter, Miller for Aisa- Miller. Miller gets a pinch-hit advancing the runners. However, the inning ends on a ground out, by the next GB Baseball hitter. 

So at the end of the top of sixth inning GB Baseball score five more runs to make the score 12 to nil. 

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Ukraine needs to mount a comeback as the run differential under CEB rules means the game can end early. Ukraine, mount a threat by sending four batters and stock one unearned run on an error by GB Baseball. However, the game ends with GB Baseball taking the second win of the European Qualifiers U12 Tournament and on top of the standings. 

"Another great showing and win on both sides from our U12 GB Baseball Team. The team is on a roll and destiny awaits," said a spokesperson for the British Baseball Federation. 

At the postgame interview, Head Coach Eric (The Hook) Anderson, said, "Played great baseball today.  Dylan Lawler set the tone on the mound and Sebastian Bozzo came in and did not give up a run and Erik Gustafson shut the door!  Huge 2 out/ 2 strike 3 run triple by Sebastian to get us a 4-0 lead.  We are being very aggressive as a team offensively and are having a ton of Quality At bats!"

The next game, for GB Baseball U12 is scheduled for Thursday, 4th July, against Lithuania. 




GB BASEBALL NOTES: Game ends early because of run differential rule. 

  • 17 hits and hold Ukraine to 4 hits. 
  • One error to Ukraine nil. 
  • Winning pitcher Sabestian (Lefty) Bozzo
  • Homerun Travis (The Natural) Hartfield

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