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News Report

British Baseball is Back!

28/07/20 | BBF

Our team sport guidance to return to baseball team activities (with conditions) are now active.


27 July 2020

British Baseball is back! 

By way of background, as before the pandemic, as the National Governing Body of baseball, we remain dedicated to the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in our sport. Under COVID-19, we implemented our Continuity Plans and response measures. Where necessary, we took prompt steps to mitigate the risks of the participants of our sport, e.g., we suspended baseball team activities, and issued safety guidance.

Our approach in developing the following COVID19 action plans which were submitted to the government, to activate the return of our sport has centred on the use of system dynamics. That is, participating in an organised baseball game requires the input and output of elements which make up the system.  Elements are interconnected and can be players, officials, coaches, managers, administrators, and more. We have reviewed the interrelated elements, of playing baseball fixtures and how any change to any element impacts the whole system. To determine an action plan and safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 we moved away from looking at the issue as just linear, e.g., cause and effect, instead we have zoomed out to see what other aspects can affect baseball fixtures safety.  The mentioned is our basis as the NGB for determining a holistic approach in proposing interventions, policies, structures and guidelines to mitigate COVID-19 when playing baseball games. As a result, our plan centres on leverage points in our system, which can be adjusted to assist those elements in mitigating COVID-19.

Today, we expressly received from the government that they formally do not endorse team sport guidance, however, they confirm they are content for us [BBF] to activate our team sport guidance and enable the return of our sport.

Our team sport guidance to return to baseball team activities (with conditions) are now active. We want to thank you for your patience during these unstable times. 

While we rejoice with your enthusiasm for the return of baseball, you must consider the following:

  1. Baseball, as you know it, has changed while we get through this pandemic and resume under our mitigation guidelines.
  2. The mitigation COVID-19 guidelines to follow, which must be followed before starting team activities (fixtures and practise) are mandatory.
  3. Our action plan, risk assessment and related guidance, demonstrate our proposed mitigations, sets out the principles and good practise how we plan to operate, and flexibility to make changes as required for baseball to return to action.
  4. We have also included other links and information deemed relevant to our sports stakeholders.
  5. To honour the return of British Baseball and NHS Care workers we have organised the 2020 Open Baseball Tournment scheduled to start on the 2nd August link. All proceeds go to NHS care workers.

We welcome this opportunity to share our guidelines in the following pages.
The following pages of this site consist of specific elements of our activation plan. You can review them individually and download them at the bottom of each page for your convenience. All the pages are colour coded for you to easily identify what is applicable to what element (e.g., specators, players, officials etc).
Thank you. Game on!

British Baseball Federation - Board of Directors

To view our team sport guidance to return to baseball team activities click link. 

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