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British Baseball Federation - Seniors Recap (Friday 24th May 2019)

Author: BBF: Greg Kettle , 24/05/19

Seniors Baseball Leagues

British Baseball Federation - Seniors Recap (Friday 24th May 2019) 

With four weeks worth of games being played across British baseball, now is a good time to look at how leagues and divisions are shaping up. Reigning champions look to cement their dominance, while new entrants set out to make a name for themselves. With much of the season still to play, there will be stories that will develop and grow as the summer goes by. Here we’ll look a the story so far. Please read to the end so I can let you know how you can help me to write weekly game reports this year.



  • ESSEX - Arrows
  • HERTS - Falcons
  • LONDON - Capitals
  • LONDON - Mets

So far there has been only one name in the NBL: The London Mets. With eight games already played this year, the Mets are yet to be beaten by any of their three league opponents. With a run differential of +63, it may seem like the book can be closed on the NBL already this year, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. City rivals the London Capitals have already pulled off close pitchers duels in the early going, proving that the league can still be as competitive as ever. The Capitals, Herts Falcons and Essex Arrows all sit within a game of each other, meaning the battle for playoff positioning will be fierce down the road.  



  • East London Latin Boys
  • Essex Redbacks
  • Herts Londoners 
  • Kent Buccaneers 
  • London Mammoths 
  • Oxford Kings
  • Richmond Knights

AAA has seen a complete mix up in terms of the dominant teams. Last year’s champions Richmond Knights have gotten off to a slow start with a 2-6 record, putting them well of the pace. The top of the division has so far been a battle between the East London Latin Boys and the Essex Redbacks, both of whom are the only teams to hold positive run differentials so far. With only a single game separating them, this will be a battle that persists throughout the season. Herts Londoners, London Mammoths, Kent Buccaneers and Oxford Kings all remain in the hunt, looking to get a hot streak going to help them climb up the standings.



  • Bournemouth Bears
  • Brighton Jets
  • Bristol Badgers
  • Guildford Mavericks 
  • Herts Hawks 
  • Richmond Dragons

Herts Hawks have remained undefeated so far this year, pulling off four consecutive wins early on to sit atop the standings. Bournemouth Bears are the only other team in the division to have pulled out wins against their opponents so far, with an early season sweep. Brighton Jets, Richmond Dragons, Bristol Badgers and Guildford Mavericks all look to secure their first wins of the season quickly so that they can begin to close the already large gap that the Herts Hawks have managed to create.



  • Brentwood Stags
  • Cambridge Monarchs
  • London Marauders
  • London Sidewinders
  • Milton Keynes Bucks 
  • Norwich Iceni 

Pool B is already shaping up to be a fierce fight between two London teams, the Sidewinders and the Marauders. The Marauders have taken the early lead with a 6-0 record, but the Sidewinders sit close behind at 7-2. Cambridge Monarchs aren’t far back, and they are followed closely by Milton Keynes Bucks and Norwich Iceni. Rounding out the division are the Brentwood Stags,  will be looking to change their fortunes as the season progresses.

Single-A | Pool A


  • Bracknell Inferno
  • Essex Archers
  • Essex Redbacks (A)
  • Herts Eagles
  • Herts Raptors
  • London Musketeers
  • London Mustangs
  • Richmond Dukes

The London Musketeers have been a dominant force in their division, scoring an incredible 180 runs in their first ten games this season, the most of any team across all leagues. The has led them to a comfortable first place so far, but Bracknell Inferno, Essex Archers and Richmond Dukes have all been able to prevent London from extending the gap even more, with strong starts to their campaigns. Essex Redbacks, Herts Raptors, London Mustangs and Herts Eagles all look to turn their season around in the hopes that they can catch the early leaders.

Single-A | Pool B


  • Brighton Jets (A) 
  • Guildford Millers
  • Kent Buccaneers
  • Kent Mariners
  • South Coast Pirates
  • Tonbridge Bobcats
  • Tonbridge Wildcats

A tight race at the top of the standings between the Kent Buccaneers and the South Coast Pirates looks like it could be the defining feature of this division this year, with both teams sitting at eight wins so far. Guildford Millers and Kent Mariners will both look to turn their .500 win records into more as they progress through the season. While the Tonbridge Bobcats, Brighton Jets and Tonbridge Wildcats will seek to find themselves in the win column more often than they have already, as all three have struggled to get anything going early on.

Single-A | Central


  • Birmingham Bandits
  • Birmingham Outlaws
  • Cambridge Lancers 
  • Cambridge Royals 
  • Leicester Blue Sox
  • Long Eaton Storm
  • Northants Centurions

Three teams have all put themselves in strong positions to win this division so far. Long Eaton Storm and Leicester Blue Sox both sit at 7-1, but Birmingham Bandits are only two games back with many games left to play. Not far behind Birmingham are Northants Centurions. Cambridge Royals, Birmingham Outlaws and Cambridge Lancers have big hills to climb to get back into contention, but it is far from an impossible task and one that they will be very focussed on in the upcoming weeks.

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