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Baseball is an Olympic Sport (Tokyo, 2020)

Author: BBF, 12/08/19

Great Britain National Team (Seniors) attempt to qualify for the Olympics.

Baseball is an Olympic Sport (Tokyo, 2020). 

In 2019, Great Britain National Team (Seniors) - GB Baseball will attempt to qualify for the Olympics.  

Veteran GB Baseball coach Liam Carroll manages the GB Baseball Seniors Team. There are 40 players on the preliminary roster for the European Championships. The mentioned roster will be reduced on or before the 7th September as required by CEB rules.  

There is a two-phase process to get to Tokyo: 


GB Baseball will take part in the European Championship. The mentioned tournament will be played at both the Ballpark Rheinaue, Martin-Luther-King-Straße, Bonn or Stadion Am Weyersberg, Solingen. The semifinals and finals will be played in Bonn, Germany.


The top five winners of the European Championship advance to play in the WBSC OlympicEuropean-African Qualifier, to be played immediately after the European Championship, in Italy.  The winner will make the Olympics, in Tokyo, Japan. 

There are two national baseball groups for the European Championship (7th to 15th September): 

Group A

  1. Netherlands (NED)
  2. Germany (GER)
  3. Czech Republic (CZE)
  4. Sweden (SWE)
  5. Great Britain (GBR) 
  6. Israel (ISR)

Group B

  1. Spain (ESP)
  2. Italy (ITA)
  3. Belgium (BEL)
  4. France (FRA)
  5. Croatia (CRO)
  6. Austria (AUT)


Sat 7th September

Bonn Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) - CRO-ESP
  • 14:00 (BST) - FRA-ITA
  • 18:00 (BST) - SWE-GER

Bonn, Field 2:

  • 12:00 (BST) - CZE-ISR


  • 11:30 (BST) - BEL-AUT
  • 15:00 (BST) - GB BASEBALL vs NED in Stadion Am Weyersberg, Solingen

Sunday, 8th September 

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) - ESP-BEL
  • 14:00 (BST) - NED-CZE
  • 18:00 (BST) - GER vs GB Baseball in Ballpark Rheinaue, Martin-Luther-King-Straße, Bonn

Bonn, Field 2:

12:00 (BST) - AUT-FRA


  • 11:30 (BST) - ISR-SWE
  • 15:00 (BST) - ITA-CRO

Monday, 9th September

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) - ITA-AUT
  • 14:00 (BST) NED-SWE
  • 18:00 (BST) - GER-ISR

Bonn, Field 2:

  • 10:00 (BST) BEL-CRO


  • 11:30 (BST) - CZE vs GB Baseball in Stadion Am Weyersberg, Solingen
  • 15:00 (BST) - ESP-FRA

Tuesday, 10th September

Bonn Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) - BEL-FRA
  • 14:00 (BST) - ESP-ITA
  • 18:00 (BST) - NED-GER

Bonn Field 2:

  • 10:00 (BST) CRO-AUT


  • 11:30 (BST) - GB Baseball vs ISR in Stadion Am Weyersberg, Solingen
  • 15:00 (BST) - CZE-SWE

Wednesday, 11th September

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) - ITA-BEL
  • 14:00 (BST) - ISR-NED
  • 18:00 (BST) - GER-CZE

Bonn, Field 2:

  • 13:00 (BST) - SWE vs GB Baseball in Ballpark Rheinaue, Martin-Luther-King-Straße, Bonn


  • 11:30 (BST) - AUT-ESP
  • 15:00 (BST) - FRA-CRO

Classification Rounds

Thursday, 12th September 

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10.00, 14:00 (BST) Classification Games

Friday, 13th September 

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00, 14:00, 18:00 (BST) Quarterfinals

Field 2:

  • 12:00 (BST) Classification Game


  • 11:30 (BST) - Classification Game
  • 15:00 (BST) - Quarterfinal

Saturday, 14th September

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) Classification Game
  • 14:00, 18:00 (BST) Semifinals


11:30, 15:00 (BST) Classification Games

Sunday, 15th September 

Bonn, Field 1:

  • 10:00 (BST) game 5th place
  • 14:00 (BST) game 3rd place
  • 18:00 (BST) Final


  • 11:30 (BST) Classification Game


You need tickets to attend any of the above games and support GB Baseball. To book your tickets online click here.

A spokesperson for the British Baseball Federation (The National Governing Body of Baseball), " The roadmap to qualify for the Olympics and raise our global world ranking started at the end of last year. This summer, after the successful performances of our U12, U15, U18 and U23 National Teams in Europe, we have the momentum to go in the European Championship and make the Olympics. We are privileged to have coach Liam Carroll, lead our team, against highly world-ranked teams from across Europe at the European Qualifiers. 

It has been an excellent year for our National Team Programme, thanks to the hard work and determination of our volunteers, coaches, and players. Further, a big shout out to the architect of the programme, Jason Pearce, our National Team Official. Also, special thanks to Glen Robertson, Director of Operations, for organising all the logistics for our Seniors to take part in the European Championship. As we approach the European Championship, we remind everyone GB Baseball need your support. 

Making to the Olympic Games is the goal as we head into the European Championship. The odds to succeed in Germany and then in Italy, are against us as we will face higher-ranked teams throughout the tournament. However, our GB Baseball Team has earned the chance to compete, and we look at Qualifying as a historic opportunity. We lay all our support, dreams and hopes in our coaches and Seniors Team to evoke history in having Great Britain make it to the Olympics. We believe in this coaching staff and the team, so let's forgo the pundits and the odds, and get on with the European Championship. Game on! GO GB BASEBALL in your quest to make the Olympics!"

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