British Baseball Federation

British Baseball Federation


The British Baseball Federation (BBF) is the National Governing Body (NGB) of baseball in Great Britain. We receive no public funding to run our organisation (leagues) and are an all-volunteer entity. We promote equality in our sport, accept players from different age groups, cultures, nationalities, gender and skills. The BBF is the longest running organised NGB of our sport in Europe. 

As the NGB of our sport, we are designated to control and regulate the environment of the game of baseball. The following list is not exhaustive and comes under our remit: 

  • Administer the practice and participation of baseball.
  • Influence both members and organisations of which it is a member.
  • Promote baseball.
  • Manage the rules and regulations of baseball.
  • Administer officials of baseball.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Oversee our National Teams (GB Baseball).
  • Manage risk and provide insurance. 
  • Organise and host competitions.

For example, we organise and oversee baseball leagues. There are four Senior Leagues in the BBF, e.g., 

  1. National Baseball League (NBL) which is our top league. 
  2. Triple-A 
  3. Double-A
  4. Single-A

To view our BBF Leagues schedules, standings, statistics, etc., refer to the menu bar at the top of this site, Match Groups, for a complete overview. 

The BBF Seniors Baseball Leagues (amateur) have long been established as the benchmark for British Baseball. The BBF Seniors Leagues include some of the top European baseball club competition in Europe, with the postseason championships, streamed through the BBF YouTube Channel. Made up of over 40 Senior teams from four divisions, the league includes players nationally, internationally, national team players, ex or current college players, former professional players etc.

Teams in our Leagues are made up of member participants of our clubs which are registered to the BBF and adhere to our NGB standards and rules. BBF membership is reserved for member Clubs only. However, clubs participants benefit and come under our rules and standards. BBF membership is on an annual basis. To find a club near you, refer to this sites menu bar at the top (BBF Clubs). 

The BBF Senior Leagues compete in the domestic competition each weekend during the season, with the schedule starting in April (for all divisions) and often ends in August, with the National Baseball Championships (NBC's) taking place in August and September, for all four divisions. Further, the winners of our top leagues are recognised by the WBSC, CEB Europe etc. The top two winners of our NBL go on to play in the CEB Europe Federations Cup, which is a European competition organised by CEB, which includes the top teams from each NGB. 

Baseball is a sport which promotes good health, social skills, teamwork, develops physical coordination, is inclusive for beginners and skilled participants of all ages or gender and is fun. Play Baseball!

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